Are you tired of ordinary workplaces?


You aren’t alone. The long hours spent enclosed by the cold walls of the office cubicle can become incredibly suffocating. Some of us feel this urge to break out of our stagnant office environment. Deep down, we desire for something fresh and different in our lives. If you are ready for some change and excitement, then check out this list of awesome workplaces you can work at!

1. Bars – Sum Yi Tai

If you’re looking for a job where you can bob your head and sway to trending background music, try working in a bar! With good music and Friday night vibes every time you go to work, working here is definitely more happening than a typical 9 to 5. Also, each pub and bar will have its own unique ambience, so you can be sure to find one that fits your liking, like old-Hong Kong themed bar Sum Yi Tai!

[URIS id=2450]

Where dragons gather over premium whiskey, fine wine, and good old Chinese food. Sum Yi Tai’s opening line fully captures the spirit of this amazing establishment. Walking in propels you back in time to a 1980s Hong Kong brought to life in all its grandeur. Every part of this designer bar has been carefully conceptualised to encapsulate the essence of a time gone by, and boy is the place gorgeous. The 3 storey bar was transformed from a conservation shophouse and even features a stunning rooftop bar! If you love fancy bars and always wanted to work at one then this is definitely the place to check out.

25 Boon Tat Street,
Robinson Road, Shenton Way,
Singapore 069622

Positions Available:
Service Crew, Chef, Bartender

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2. Outdoors – Unique Speed

The sun, the grass and the lovely afternoon breeze. The outdoors can be fun and energising. It is the perfect working environment if you hate office jobs and enjoy to stretch and jump about! For all the outdoor fans who also love bikes and the like, do check out Unique Speed!

[URIS id=2617]

You might have noticed the increasing number of pedestrians zooming by on their fancy electric scooters, or even the strange motorised unicycles. These are all different forms of personal mobility devices and Unique Speed specialises in them. Unique Speed is the first company in Singapore to start offering these devices for rent at an affordable price. They go the extra mile by providing riding lessons and safety tips for their customers. If you have always enjoyed the convenience of these devices and love these fancy toys, then Unique Speed is your workplace of choice.

#01-03, 8B Admiralty Street,
Sembawang, Singapore 757440

Positions Available:

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3. Startups – Partipost

Startups offer incredibly fast-paced and dynamic work environments. They often operate in small teams so everyone has to be incredibly versatile and able to juggle a plethora of different tasks. If you enjoy jobs that will challenge you and expose you to a variety of different job scopes then you should definitely consider startups like Partipost!

Shoot. Post. Earn. Partipost is a fresh and bustling new startup that aims to revolutionise social media marketing. Being a part of the Partipost experience is real simple. Sign up as an influencer, and you can start participating in exciting campaigns, product launches, and reviews. The best part is that you get to decide which brands you want to work with. In return for your support, you will receive product samples, trials, product discounts, sponsorships, and more! Being an influencer isn’t the only way to work with this young company. Every now and then, Partipost also offers job positions, and you might just get a chance to work with them.

745 Lor 5 Toa Payoh,
Singapore 319455

Positions Available:
Roadshow Promoters

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4. Abodes – Parent Support Network

There’s always something mysterious about working in someone else’s home. From the different decor and interior of the house, to the little things that make each family unique. If you’re looking for inspiration and want to work somewhere unique, you can add home-based work to your list! Perhaps you can try your hand as an education guide with Parent Support Network!

If I told you that you could have a job that is fulfilling, fun, yet pays amazingly well, you would have told me to stop lying. However, this job is exactly everything I’ve mentioned. Parent Support Network specialises in helping busy parents find mentors for their kids while they are out working. They need responsible students and adults who want the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of primary school students. Educational guides can engage with the kids through creative after school activities. The activities range from baking to sports, homework help to exciting science experiments. If you absolutely love working with kids and want to earn some pocket money, then look no further as this job is the one for you.


Positions Available:
Educational Guide

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5. Bakeries – Petit Provence

Working in bakeries is a magical experience. Every morning, you are greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread. Its a workplace filled with creativity – where bakers work their magic, crafting exquisite pastries and confectionaries. If you are interested in working at bakeries, perhaps you can check out Petit Provence. After all, bakery positions aren’t all that common, especially not ones in fancy bakeries such as Petit Provence.

[URIS id=2622]

Remember those cute little wassants? Back in the day, the wassants were crazy popular and Petit Provence was the first to create these delicious snacks. The Japanese-style bakery has long prided itself on baking the old-fashioned way, using the freshest and finest ingredients and wheat. If the opportunity to work in a bakery interests you, then you should definitely consider working at Petit Provence.

Jurong East, JEM

Positions Available:
Service Crew

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6. Cafes – The GAB Cafe

The most wonderful part about cafes is their ability to seemingly transport you into another world. With all their fancy designer cakes and intricately crafted lattes, it becomes too easy for an afternoon to go by in a flash. The GAB Cafe is definitely one of those cafes and you should have a look!

[URIS id=2614]

The GAB Cafe provides versatile spaces with a warm, intimate atmosphere. While it primarily functions as a cafe, the establishment rents its spaces out for meetings, events and even parties. The cafe has grown considerably since it first started and has now expanded to its second home at the Esplanade. If you want a cozy cafe job, then working at The GAB Cafe is right up your alley.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Positions Available:
Chef, Sous Chef, Kitchen Hand

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7. Malls – Creme Simon

Full-time air conditioning and ever-clean ambience, working in a mall is definitely one of the more cushy jobs out there! Not only that, did we mention that you can go shopping during your lunch break? Say goodbye to fitting room queues! If you are keen on a mall job, why not check out Creme Simon?

[URIS id=2458]

From its French apothecary wellness roots, Creme Simon has grown into a holistic lifestyle brand featuring award-winning products with a focus on health and beauty.  It was even the number #1 French brand at the height of its popularity! Europe could not contain the French brand and they decided to open a flag-ship boutique in Singapore. Anyone who is passionate about female beauty should consider working for this illustrious company.

30A Kandahar Street 
Singapore 198890

Positions Available:
Wellness Advisor

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