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“Working part-time jobs are just for the quick money!”


This is what most students think when they’re applying for a part-time job. However, that’s not the case! There are many benefits associated with working part-time when you’re in school. And it’s not just about the money! Here are 5 reasons why you should start working part-time if you haven’t already.


1. Work experiences matters when you’re looking for your first job


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While an exemplary degree classification matters to employers, having prior working experience makes you stand out to your employers. Working part-time gives you a first-hand experience of what it is like in the working world, thereby preparing you for it. While you may think that part-time jobs don’t teach me any skills that I can use in my first job, that’s where you’re wrong. Which brings me to the next point


2. Working part-time jobs teach you transferable skills.



Worked as a retail staff or service crew and dealt with horrible customers? Such experiences hone your crisis management skills, interpersonal skills and most importantly the ability to think on your feet. Working part-time would also mean that you have excellent time-management skills as you have to juggle between your classes, project deliverables, and your part-time job. All of which are skills that you can take with you as you move within roles or industries. Such skills are highly valued by employers thus giving you an edge over another candidate that has never worked before while in school.


3. Making friends out of school


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Part-time jobs are not all work and no play! You will be able to meet different people outside of your school and social circle who may be of different ages and stage of life. They would be able to expose you to different things that you would not be able to see in your current circle of friends. Moreover, building a network of contacts will prove indispensable once you have graduated from university. They may be the reason that you can land your first job before others.


4. It’s constructive use of your free time


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Rather than lazing around at home watching Game of Thrones for the nth time in your free time, wouldn’t it be better to do something more productive? Working part-time would give you both the flexibility to indulge in me-time yet make your holidays a more productive one.


5. The Money



Let’s be honest, the extra money that comes from working part-time could increase your disposable income that you can spend on meals and movies with your friends. Or you have always wanted that iPhone X but your parents aren’t buying it for you? You can now buy it with the money you earned. The extra money that comes with the part-time job gives you flexibility in how you spend. Now you never have to turn down a night out with your friends cause you’re feeling poor!


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There it is! 5 ways working part-time while in school that will benefit you. It’s the intrinsic benefits that matter most such as getting a head-start in the cruel job hunt for your first job.

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