We’ve all had moments like these: Waking up unmotivated and hungry but reluctant to cross the street to get lunch. Rushing our last minute deadlines missing our dinner. Growing hungry past midnight but with no food in sight. These #firstworldproblems happen to the best of us. But with the rise in on-demand food delivery services, these problems, along with our hunger pangs, will be problems in the past!

Some of you may have doubts, asking questions like: How do these food delivery services work? Where can they deliver to? Is it safe to buy from them? For the uninitiated, here’s a simple guide to 3 popular Food Delivery services we have in Singapore!

1. Deliveroo

With its headquarters in London, Deliveroo entered Singapore late 2015 and has become a household name since. With a focus on partnering with premium restaurants, you can now enjoy great food from a tap of your fingers. You probably have seen their Roomen and Roowomen roo-aming around the island delivering food as well!

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2. foodpanda

Local-born foodpanda is another delivery service that you have probably heard of.  With both mobile and website platforms, feel free to use whichever is more convenient for you.This delivery service has recently even started offering 24 hour delivery service, so night-owl foodies can have their tummies full anytime, anywhere!

3. UberEATS

UberEATS was only recently established in Singapore in 2016. Fun fact: Did you know that Singapore was the first Asian city to receive this service? UberEATS started its offerings in a small area of the country, but has now expanded to a much larger space. With no minimum order and personal referral codes to share, UberEATS has also become a favourite for many foodies here!

Whether you are lazy, busy or plain hungry, you now have 3 great delivery services to choose from! Let us know which is your favourite delivery service among the 3, or introduce us to other delivery services you use!

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Earn with Freeboh, Spend on Food Delivery!
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Earn with Freeboh, Spend on Food Delivery!
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