When looking for a job, the first thing a job seeker will need to do is to stand out and impress his or her future employer. To do that, most job seekers have this concept imbedded in their mind that, by creating a long and detailed résumé or curriculum vitae (CV for short) complete with a stunning photo of themselves, they have that sure winning edge over their competitors.

In this time and age, that’s just so wrong on many levels!

As an experienced person who has been actively searching for employment for over 20 years now, I used to think that way too. Until I was recently stuck and had to force myself to go for a few résumé courses by trained professionals just to figure things out.

With my new résumé attached to a few online job portals, employers are starting to notice me and contacting me for job offers and they make me feel so wanted and useful!

Now, imagine you are in the HR (Human Resource) department or a career hirer tasked with hiring new members for the company you are working for. What would the criterion be? And do bear in mind that you may have to spent entire working days sorting thru literally hundreds or even thousands of application forms and/or résumés after the last one week of endless interviews just to shortlist the handful of candidates suitable for the positions your company is looking to hire.

Would you want to go through another one of those similar lengthy résumés where you feel like you’re narrating somebody’s life story? Or a short and precise one mainly in point form showcasing exactly what you or your company are looking for?

As for attaching a rather smart photo of oneself to the resume, while that is not necessarily required, it is still a good move – especially for companies in the service and hospitality industries looking for candidates who present themselves in a pleasant way. After all, a good picture speaks for itself and who knows? You may just be shortlisted not just for your outstanding qualities and work experience but also for the way you present yourself in the picture!

Before rushing to create or alter your next CV, below is the list of important information your next prospective employer will want to know about you before they will consider shortlisting you for that coveted position you’re looking for:

  • Name (in bold letters)
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Title of job position applied for (in bold letters)
  • Professional Experiences including results and achievements
  • Skills
  • Education and Credentials

Since nobody is no longer safe and secured in their jobs and even bosses get fired now and then on a global scale, it is better to craft one’s résumé in a short and detailed, yet precise form rather than a lengthy story form filled with redundant information.

Times are changing, people!

I do it because I can.

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