A higher chance of getting employed?

Constantly applying for jobs, but getting no responses back? Most employers have mentioned that apart from a resume, a portfolio would attract them to your application even more! A portfolio consists of relevant certificates or documents that employers look out for.

Benefits of having a portfolio

Employers view tens and hundreds of applications daily, especially when the job is highly sought after. Even with your school or work experience written on your resume, employers might still be unimpressed. You might then ask: So how exactly do you stand out amongst all your competitors?

Instead of stating your achievements, it can easily be supplemented by showing them! By providing actual documents or certificates, be it in hard or soft copy, it increases the credibility of your resume. This can easily make you stand out from the other applicants as it saves the employers time by providing them the documents they want to see even before they ask for it!

What should you include?

There might be a few specific documents or certificates that employers would consciously look out for depending on the job you are applying for. If you are applying to work in the F&B sector, employers highly value the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. If you have this certificate, providing a soft copy of it would not only increase the credibility of your resume, but it saves employers the trouble of checking if your certificate has expired! Such convenience would draw employers to you.

There are also important documents employers might require you to provide that would fit well in your portfolio. A good example would be uploading creatives you have done when you apply for digital marketing jobs, since most employers would like to gauge the quality of your work. Providing them a portfolio of your previous work would increase the chances of you getting the job, since it effectively shows them you have the skills they are looking for in their employees.

Other employers highly value the level of education you possess. Some jobs, especially those that require specialised skills, demand a diploma or degree in a related field. It is easier for employers to filter out those without such qualifications by adding your education certificates in your portfolio. This will also ensure that employers do not have to go the extra mile to verify these documents.

Don’t worry, it is easy to update your portfolio, all you need is a simple click!

Applications to scan your documents

It might be seemingly troublesome to upload your documents since you would need a scanner with you, but there are free applications on your smartphone to work as a scanning device! It is as simple as taking a photo of the documents you wish to upload.

A popular mobile scanning application would be Scanbot where, once you open the application, it directs you straight to the camera function, ready to capture the document you want to scan. Once you have scanned your document, it is ready to be uploaded and sent straight to your employer!

These few simple steps can easily boost your employability, so why not start building your portfolio today?

Freeboh provides a platform where you can easily insert your qualifications or work experience, but because we recognise the importance of a portfolio, we have recently introduced a ‘Portfolio’ section for you to create your very own portfolio! Start now! It’s quick and easy!

Stand out and get hired with a CV portfolio!
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Stand out and get hired with a CV portfolio!
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