quote on how to hustle and feel great

You can have your cake and eat it, too. We’re in an era where it’s super easy to monetise your skills and time. Almost anyone who is connected to the internet, and has enough time, can earn some extra income.

The problem now is, how do you stay happy if you’re working most of the time? How do you stay motivated to earn extra income while juggling so many other commitments? Fret not, it is possible to hustle without getting burnt out, or worse, bored out of your mind.


1. Find opportunities that make you feel something

Big surprise, money alone won’t motivate you to earn more money. In fact, how you feel at work makes a bigger difference. Won’t you feel great when a dish you garnished was so beautiful that the customers can’t help but stare at it in awe before posting it on Instagram? Would you love your job more if what you do makes you feel happy?


I would!

2. Find opportunities that help you PROGRESS

We’re forward-thinkers. We do things today in to prepare for our future. This is why it will only be a worthwhile trade off for your time if you’re gaining more than just money. Knowing that this job also helps you create a better version of yourself makes it all worth it. And that’s where you’ll find the drive to keep going!


I’ve always envied my colleague and good friend, Shi Jun, for having the will to work while she was studying. Now, at work, she’s much more confident when talking to strangers, and able to manage her team in an assertive yet approachable way. I wish I’d learnt how to do what she does, instead of spending hours memorising things like ‘the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’.


3. Work with a team that inspires you

When you are working with a group of like-minded people who enjoy what they do and excel at it, you feel more energised, and you naturally become better at what you do. You’ll even look forward to work and get supercharged with energy by your teammates!


Would you rather live a life rich with material things or a life rich with experience and happiness? It doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition! If you can find work that makes you feel good and helps you progress, and work alongside people who inspire you, you can have your cake and eat it!


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How to hustle and still feel great!
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How to hustle and still feel great!
It's easy to make extra income in your free time. But how do you stay happy while working so much, and how do you find work that fits your life?
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