Students nowadays have it hard, juggling between lessons, assignments, projects, CCAs… the list goes on. As a student myself, I can completely empathise. You might have long heard about the many benefits of working while pursuing your studies, such as gaining new soft skills outside of the classroom. But most of you already have little time for yourself, much less work, right?

Well, this would be completely true, if not for the new ways of working in the economy today. In this new economy, work is no longer limited to the traditional 9 to 5. Let me introduce you to some lobangs: Different jobs that you can work throughout the week, at any time that might be convenient for you!

Weekday Afternoons

On weekdays, students (myself included) always love it when there is free time in the afternoon, without any lessons, projects or other responsibilities. But sometimes I would find myself wandering around school, unsure of what to do with this newfound luxury of time. If you too find yourself lazing around, feeling aimless in the afternoon, why not consider filling your time with some shift-based jobs here:

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Juice Barista at Eat Ripe Products

Try your hand as a Juice Barista, preparing and serving fresh fruit juice. What’s more, you can get to work in the hipster Little India area!

Service crew at Krazy Salad Bar

With the rise of healthy eating and living, salad preparation would definitely be a good skill to have. Students living or studying near Toa Payoh should definitely consider!

F&B Assistant at Empress Porridge

Love a good bowl of porridge? Prepare and serve this traditional meal while working here. This is especially convenient for NUS students and other students in the West.

Weekday Evenings

While some students might use the time after classes to rest and catch up on the latest Korean dramas, animes and other TV shows, others might see it as a good opportunity to work part-time. Working part-time after classes helps you to earn some pocket money. But more importantly, it allows you to gain some valuable working experience. There are indeed many shift-based jobs available in the evenings as well:

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Service crew at Yoshinoya

Want to work at this large Japanese beef bowl restaurant chain, with 16 restaurants in Singapore and many more worldwide? Here’s your chance! 

Service crew at Ah Dong Teh House

If you stay in Punggol or anywhere near the North-east, this is definitely a job you should consider. Here, you can help to serve fresh local and Hong Kong fares!

Kitchen crew at Prince of Wales (Boat Quay)

Work near the iconic Boat Quay in this unique backpacker pub: Do note that their shifts end past midnight, so you might not want to work a shift before a morning class the next day!


The phrase ‘Thank God It’s Friday!’, or more commonly known as ‘TGIF!’, was first coined to express our exhilaration at the end of the school/work week, and to celebrate the excitement of the upcoming weekend. This might suggest that we should all just chill and have fun during the weekends. However, weekends can also be the best time for us to work part-time, without the worry of lessons.

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Service crew at Brownice Italian Bistro

Easties, this is a good option for you! Located at Marine Parade, fill your weekends conveniently by working at this vegan Italian bistro.

Service crew at Paradise Group 

Get a chance to work at this large Food and Beverage establishment, with 10 restaurant concepts and outlets in many foreign countries!

All Day

Remember that I mentioned in the beginning of this post that work is no longer confined to the 9 to 5? Well, that was an understatement. Work today actually has no confines at all! If you are ambitious and want to work throughout the week, there are certainly opportunities for you to do so too!

[URIS id=1188]

Delivery rider with Deliveroo

Do you ride a motorbike and want to use it to earn extra income? As a rider with Deliveroo, you can work at your own schedule and deliver food around, supplementing your income!

Grabcar Driver

This job is for people with and without vehicles alike! Put your driving skills to good use and drive during your free time to earn some income.

Freeboh Ambassador

This freelance position allows you to work from anywhere, anytime! Simply promote Freeboh and get people to sign up on the platform. This is great for people who want the ultimate flexibility of work.

By working part-time, you can gain much more than pocket money! Working part-time is also invaluable in teaching both technical and soft skills that will be useful in future. For example, you can improve on your interpersonal relationships and communication skills. These skills are best learnt outside of the classroom,  so head out now and start working!

The common excuse that students use: ‘I have no time’, is no longer valid today. This notion that you need a long period of commitment to work in a job should be dispelled. Be it weekday or weekend, day or night, shift-based jobs help you balance between work and study, and give you the flexibility to work as you wish! To get started, sign up with us here at Freeboh and start working happy!

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Perfect Jobs for Students During the School Term
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Perfect Jobs for Students During the School Term
There are many benefits for students to work part-time. Students can gain additional income, valuable skills and experience. Here are some jobs to explore!
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