It’s normal if you haven’t heard of the brand Lo & Behold. But surely you have heard of the dining places under the Lo & Behold Group. Let’s take a look at five of the most interesting concepts under the Lo & Behold Group.



Lo & Behold Loof

Perched atop Odeon Towers, Loof is renowned for its nostalgic concept with a distinct local flavour. Loof serves cocktails and bar foods such as the Kaya Lumpur and Loof’s Original Ramly Burger that was the brainchild of Artichoke’s owner Bjorn Shen. There’s even a cart where they sell knickknacks of the yesteryears making it the absolute go-to place for a walk down the memory lane.


OverEasy (Fullerton & Orchard)


Known for their “To Die For Burgers”, OverEasy is the ultimate American diner with luminous signs exuding the “too-cool-for-school” attitude. Dishing up classics such as beef burgers and classic milkshakes, OverEasy is a to go place for anyone looking for authentic American diner fare. Looking for something more adventurous? Try their Beer Can Chicken, featuring a beer can shoved up the roasted chicken buttocks to achieve an unparalleled level of flavour.


The White Rabbit/The Rabbit Hole


TWR food 1

Stepping into this restored chapel along Dempsey Hill and you are transported to The Tulgey Woods of Alice of the Wonderland. The White Rabbit serves European fare with a contemporary touch. Love a nice glass of gin after your meal? You can pop down The Rabbit Hole, Singapore’s only speciality gin bar. Here’s where you can grab a drink, surrounded by a garden in the wonderland.


The Black Swan/The Powder Room


The Black Swan

Paying homage to New York’s steakhouse, The Black Swan serves various premium steak cuts paired with an inspired wine list, thus ensuring a tantalising experience. Looking for a place for a romantic date yet find it too expensive? Stop by from 5pm to 8pm during happy hour for drinks at $9 and oysters for $2. Impress your date and the cost at bay!


Tanjong Beach Club


TBC food

A getaway from the city’s hustle, Tanjong Beach Club sits by the sea. In addition to the beautiful view, Tanjong Beach Club serves craft cocktails and seafood-centric dishes that you can enjoy with your loved ones away from the city’s chaos.

There it is, 5 unique concepts put forward by the Lo & Behold Group, with each being different in their own way. There must be at least one that has you salivating now!

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