I used to work as a waitress in a café while schooling and it wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be. Going to work right after school and being too tired to finish my homework soon after was not easy at all. Telling myself I would do my school work ‘tomorrow’. Well, the ‘tomorrow’ never came. After working and studying for a month, I found a better way for me to juggle between the two, before my grades started falling and before I started dozing off during work.

1. Make a schedule

And follow it! Make a schedule – one that you know your body can handle. Do not fill up your schedule fully if you know you are going to be tired. Make sure you allocate enough time for school, work, travel, and most importantly, rest! You will not be able to do much efficiently if you do not get enough rest. You might want to allocate some free time between school and work. If you plan your time properly, you will be able to complete your school work on time without feeling burned out, yet earning extra cash working part-time and going to school refreshed!

*Extra tip: You can make your schedule extra pretty so you actually want to look at it and follow it closely. Who wouldn’t want to look at this all day long?

2. Make full use of idle time

Take a power nap to re-energise when you are travelling, so you’ll feel like you have more energy, be it to work or to study. You can also look through your school work and revise while travelling. All these little bundles of time save you more time than you think! Imagine spending just 15 minutes revising on the train to and fro daily, that’s saving 2.5h of study time at home a week! (And an extra 2.5h for you to rest!)

3. Reward yourself

Most part-timers tend to feel their heart ache when they buy things to reward themselves, be it treating themselves to a good meal or buying concert tickets to watch their favourite band. They might even be reluctant about it, thinking about how much time and hard work they have spent on earning that amount of money. But spending some money on yourself from time to time will motivate you to work even harder! So go get yourself a treat! It’ll definitely be worth it!

4. Plan wisely

It is important to plan every little detail wisely when you’re studying and working. A smart move will be picking a job near your place or near your school. You should also consider how you would get to your workplace. For instance, it would be inconvenient and time-consuming if you were to change multiple buses or trains to get to your workplace from school. Take these little details into consideration as it would save you a lot of time and energy!

An interesting fact about Freeboh is that 9 out of 10 postal codes are within 1km radius of a Freeboh job. We know how important the location of a job is, so you can search and select the different jobs available based on location!

These 4 tips really got me through working and studying at the same time, without having to fall behind in my studies or doze off during work. It was great having to earn some extra income even as I was schooling. Have a go at it!

Make working and studying work
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Make working and studying work
It isn't easy having to cope between working and studying, but having been through that, here's 4 tried and tested tips to manage it well!
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