How to craft your experiences in your CV?


what's your dream job?

What’s your dream job?


“How do I get my dream job?” or “Why didn’t I get an interview?” are questions that would cross everyone’s mind during the job hunt. While there’s no foolproof way to guarantee you getting that dream job, a good CV would definitely increase the chances!

More often than not, you are just one of the many applicants for that job and your CV is the first point of contact with the employer. Did you know that recruiters/hiring managers only take an average of 6 seconds to scan through your CV? Your profile is an advertisement that sells you and your skills to the employers. Be it this being your first job search or not, the same question remains: How do you make each second count so that you will land that job? Hence, it’s best that your CV is not written like a lengthy composition. Rather, your CV should be concise and straight to the point that puts forward the best side of you!

Here are some pointers that you can use to keep the employers’ attention and make that 6 seconds count!

Put a good photo on your CV


CV Photo

A profile picture is a good way to make a real impression as employers can tie the information in your CV to a real person! The photo used should be a photo of you! (I know your pets are cute but it’s best not to use their photos.) This would definitely increase your chance of being called down for an interview. Try not to use your profile picture from your social media or crop yourself out from a group photo, the photo would look rather unprofessional.

A good profile picture should have a clear focus, where it is taken in good lighting. Your attire should be appropriate and not overly revealing, you do not want to attract unwanted attention, don’t you? Last but not least, a pleasant smile would definitely make a better impression on the employers!


Making your CV stand out, it's so easy!

It’s easy, isn’t it? In part 2 of this series, the article would bring you other pointers on how to craft your CV! Click here to read part 2 of this series!

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