So, the holiday season is here again!

Christmas is barely a month away and just around the corner.

As usual, there’re always things to do during this festive season.

Hanging out with friends seems like the ideal plan for some people. You can hang out with your pals at your favourite haunts such as the neighbourhood Starbucks café, have a cuppa and watch the world go by. Even chilling out with your buddies at the void deck downstairs sounds good!

Also, in Singapore, one of the best and most popular places to hang out, especially among youngsters, is the Changi Airport. After all, you don’t need to be flying off to some other countries to visit one of the best airports (or the best, really!) in the world as an excuse! Changi Airport has just about anything and everything you can imagine any airport around the world has – and more! To some, travellers and locals alike, Changi Airport is like a magical wonderland and giant playground!

With the combined glory of its four existing terminals, and the fifth one scheduled currently to be completed by 2030, one can be sure there are tons of activities to do at this international airport that welcomes visitors from all over the world! 

With four fantastic individual yet linked huge terminals to form the existing airport Singapore is so proud of today, there is no shortage of fun stuffs to entertain oneself. But, if you’re not the adventurous type, there’s also shopping to keep one on the go! When you’re tired from all that playing and shopping, relax at one of the many classy eateries there or simply chill at their fish pedicure found in T1 where tens of little fish will nibble or “massage” your tired feet while they are soaked in the foot-deep mini pond.

As it’s the holiday season, you can also expect more movies out at this time of the year as they compete for your attention! Will you watch one, a few or even all of them?

Sightseeing or simply just traveling around the evergreen island of Singapore by public transport such as the public bus service is a cheap but satisfying way of taking in the sights of the local scene. Unless one falls asleep during such a comfy and air-conditioned trip!

Traveling to other countries with families and friends to relax and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and cultures other countries provide, even nearby ones such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, may cost a bit but is worth it nonetheless!

Last but not least, instead of spending money shopping, going to the movies or even traveling overseas, why not earn some instead! It’s the holiday season after all and many companies out there are preparing for the festive holiday and definitely need more temporary manpower to help out during the festive period.

With so much to do and see during this holiday period, what will your choice be then!

I do it because I can.

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