I wanted to be an admin assistant and I am very happy with my current job working as one. Before I got here, I was working other ad hoc jobs like, being a Christmas packer, working at a new year’s event and being a telemarketer. There were many skills that I have gained over there though it wasn’t the ideal job I was looking for. Skills that I attained were multitasking, coping with high volume of work, addressing clients, and upselling and marketing products. All these jobs have better equip me for being a better admin assistant now.

I first came across this Preferred Jobseeker Programme and wasn’t sure about it. But it peaked my interest so I wanted to know more about it. On first glance, these were the points that were stated in the job details:

1. Will be helping to find a solution together to get you hired
2. Will always recommend jobs that are paying $8/hr and above!
3. Be the first to be notified of new & upcoming jobs!
4. You will be recommended by us to employers
5. While waiting, have a cup of coffee on us as we will be paying you a stipend of $2 each day you respond!

It sounded too good to be true but I tried it anyway. There wasn’t anything that I could lose from apply in this. I was helpless.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect after applying for it so I just waited around for a reply. Got a call the next day explaining to me how this programme works. We will receive $2/day for responding to the listings given. Was told that if we reject too many jobs or went MIA, we will be kicked out. But fret not, I’ve seen that they send in quite a variety of jobs throughout the time I was in the group. And like they promised, we were always the first to know about any jobs that are new and upcoming.

I was also advised on how to do up my profile to make it more appealing to the employers, like adding in my job experience, my preferred position, my profile picture and etc. That way, employers will have a sense of who I am as a person or what I have done before.

I was added into a WhatsApp group after, and that’s where they sent over a few job listings for us to apply. Before landing my current job, I took up a few ad hoc jobs like I mentioned previously to gain more experience and to kill time as well. And I have to say, it was time well spent.

There are some tips I would like to give to the new batch of hires, do not be afraid of trying new positions. Try not to hesitate too much for a job. Be positive and do your best in whatever job was thrown to you because you can always benefit from it for your future jobs.